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Trail Riding Holidays (Vacations)
Discover West Donegal from the Saddle

A One-week trail for Horse Riding Enthusiasts

In order to participate in our Trail riders must be fit and able to trot, canter and gallop at ease, You must also be capable of taking good care of your horse: feed, groom and tack up.
On all programmes children must be over 12 years of age and good riders and also must be capable of spending long hours in the saddle.

The Donegal Trail is an unguided trail ride.
You can ride the Donegal Trail only with a minimum of two  riders.
The unguided Trails are suited to a minimum of 2 persons - but, if you really would like to ride a Trail and you don't have a riding companion we have the possibility to help you find one on our Meeting Page on the Internet.

Emerald Isle - Land of colourful rainbows. In the North West corner of Ireland: Donegal, the wildest and most romantic of all Irish counties. Its austere melancholy is unforgettable! Setting off from the Horse Holiday Farm, riders will discover this region and all its beauty.

Look at the pattern of grey stone walls around the green meadows, pass by dark blue lakes, ride through boggy hills and valleys and across chocolate brown marshland. Ride along rugged coastline, rocky cliffs and on miles of sandy beaches stretching towards the horizon. Unforgettable highlight: the crashing gallop across the white sands.

Donegal West and Donegal South… …
are two of our most beautiful trails to discover the North West of Ireland in a week - from the saddle, of course.
The choice is yours:

Donegal West

Our trails lead you over low hills, through remote mountain areas and across vast bog lands. They are exciting and relaxing in all kinds of weather, in rain, wind or sunshine. Anything can happen; the Irish weather is full of surprises.

Contact to the local people in Ireland is easy; the people are open and very friendly. Irish people love horses very much and they like to listen to the stories their visitors tell them. You will enjoy their hospitality.

You will ride through rugged and remote areas where you won't meet anybody, take a deep breath: you will hardly find cleaner, fresher air anywhere. You will certainly experience total freedom.

Here is what you should bring along: curiosity, a sense of discovery, a good bit of riding experience, suitable clothing for all kinds of weather and, last but not least, some feeling of adventure.

Your little group will be on your own during the week, without a guide, sometimes riding together with a few other guests. But you will reach each station without any problem using our maps and well signposted trails. There are six overnight stops - farms and country houses. You will meet friendly and helpful hosts in all of them.

We provide you with strong and experienced horses, which are used to carry you safely through all kinds of open country. Our Irish Hunters are known for easy handling and safe riding - and they love a lively gallop on the beach.

Our horses graze on green pastures and are friendly and reliable towards their riders. At the moment we have almost one hundred horses in our stables. We don't offer riding by the hour but only take bookings for weekly trails and you will find that "your" horse becomes your friend during that time.

Our equipment such as bridles, saddles, blankets and cleaning tools are practical and well looked after. The same goes for saddlebags to carry your clothing from station to station and maps with trail descriptions and marked trails. We look forward to meeting you!

Trail Riding Holidays (Vacations) • The Donegal Trails
• Trail Riding in Donegal South or Donegal West • Self led trail rides
• Horseback Riding Holidays • A one-week trail ride for Horse Riding Enthusiasts
• Donegal is the wildest and most romantic of all Irish counties.
• Equestrian Vacations in Donegal / Ireland

Opening Dates for 2011 Season: 28 April, 2011 - beginning October, 2011 (High season July 9 - August 20)
Our arrival days are: Thursday, Friday or Saturday (10:00 a.m.)
For Donegal Trail West only Thursday or Saturday (10:00 a.m.)

From Europe and the UK:
Telephone : 00 353 71 9166152
Fax : 00 353 71 9166400

From the USA:
Telephone : 011 353 71 9166152
Fax : 011 353 71 9166400


The Horse Holiday Farm is Bord Fáilte (Irish Tourist Board) approved and
a member of A.I.R.E., the Association of Irish Riding Establishments

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